How to Get Extra Quota for TikTok Tri for Free 10GB

How to Get Extra Quota TikTok Tri-Who doesn’t know the Tri cellular operator, of course, almost all smartphone users know this one operator. Although the name may not be as popular as red plate companies like Telkomsel. However, the services provided can be said to be quite satisfactory, especially supported by several promos that are very profitable for users.

Kartu Tri can be said to be one of the operators who know very well what millennials need today. Promos that are quite interesting at this time include the Extra Quota TikTik Tri which reaches 10GB, you can get it for free. So there is no need to buy quota anymore.

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As we know, the TikTok application is one application that is widely used by teenagers today. There are various interesting videos that we can watch, both entertainment and educational. For those of you who want to know how to get this free tiktok tri quota, then you can listen to the end of the review that we share.

Operator competition in providing bonuses or promos to its users has become an open secret. Everyone is scrambling to become the number one operator and is widely used, so it’s not surprising that we can find lots of interesting promos for each of these operators.

Extra Kuota TikTok Tri is a quota given to card 3 users for free. You can get a quota of 10GB, for the duration itself until February 2, 2022.

This is a distinct advantage for those who have subscribed to this operator that has merged with Indosat.

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Since this quota is free, it’s no wonder that nowadays many people want to get it. for those of you who use card 3, then you can follow a few steps as follows:

  • First, you can buy a tri starter pack
  • Next you do the registration
  • After that, send the message “USAGE” to the number “363”
  • Then you will get information about the bonuses you get, ranging from call bonuses to free quotas that can be used for the TikTok application.

How to see the old 3 card user TikTok Tri Bonus

  • We can download the Bima+ application
  • Then just login using our tri number
  • After entering the application, you can select the “Data” menu
  • Select “View Details”
  • You will find a tiktok quota if the number you use does get a 10GB quota gift for the tiktok application.

That was how to find out if the tri number that we are using gets a 10GB quota prize which we can use to open or run the TikTok application.

Can I Change TikTok Tri Quota To Regular Quota?

Everyone certainly has their own preferences for applications. So it can be said that not everyone likes the TikTok application. The presence of this free quota is quite encouraging news and raises one question, namely whether the tiktok 3 quota can be converted into a regular quota. That way, we can use it for other applications such as watching Youtube videos, using WhatsApp or browsing the internet.

Currently, you can’t change the Tiktok 3 quota application to a regular one. Although today there are quite a number of tutorials that claim to be able to do this, in fact there are still many who fail when trying it.

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The final word

Maybe that’s all the reviews we can give you regarding the free tiktok tri quota. Hopefully what we have said above can be useful for you tri operator users, or maybe it can be input for those of you who want to switch to this one operator.