How to register a shop at Shopee and tips for selling well

How to register a shop on Shopee-Basically now a lot of people are shopping through online where we just need to wait for our order to be delivered by the seller via courier.

This is of course a great opportunity for those of you who are looking to start an online selling business, because many online shopping activities are carried out on the largest platform in Indonesia, Shopee.

Shopee is one of the marketplaces with a record of having the most active users throughout Indonesia, based on reports that Shopee is known to be the main rank of e-commerce in the country for more than 3 years in a row with 129,320,800 visitors per month.

Therefore, selling at Shopee is one of the biggest opportunities to get rupiah coffers and minimize unemployment in Indonesia.

For that, for those of you who want to become a seller at Shopee, there are several steps you must take so that your request can be verified by Shopee.

Here’s how to create a shop on the shopee marketplace, anyone can do it as long as they follow the steps below.

How to Create a Shop on Shopee

At least you have to fulfill a few things first before you open or create a shop on the Shopee marketplace, here are some of them.

Have a shopee account

First, you must have a shopee account first. If you don’t have one, please register first in the following way:

  • Download the shopee app on the play store.
  • Open it and click register.
  • Then verify your active mobile number and email.
  • If already registered, fill in the required data accurately.
  • You can change the username if needed.

Complete shop profile

After you have a shopee account, the next step is to complete a store profile, here’s how:

1. Via Seller Center

  • Open the seller center.
  • Select a store profile.
  • Complete the shop name.
  • Image description.
  • After that click save.
  • Done.
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2. Via the shopee app

  • Open the shopee application on your cellphone.
  • Select the “me” option and click my shop.
  • Choose a sales assistant.
  • On the store profile you must complete the name of the store and a description of the image.
  • If you’ve clicked the “tick” icon in the upper right corner of the menu.
  • Done.

Determine Delivery Service and Set Store Address

After you complete some of your store information, then you can fill in the store address in the following way:

  • Select the “my address” menu.
  • Click the “add new address” option.
  • Then fill in the complete store address.
  • Finally click save.

Well, if your store address has been filled in completely, usually after that you will be asked to specify the shipping service you use when sending products to consumers.

Currently available shipping options are:

  • J&T Express
  • JNE (Yes, Reg, and Ok)
  • SiCepat (Halu & Gokil)
  • Antaraja
  • Grab (same day)
  • Go Send (same day)
  • Shopee Express
  • Ninja Express
  • Indonesian post

For information, when activating a new delivery service at the store level, don’t forget to activate it at the product level.

How to choose a store level delivery service

1. Via seller center

  • Go to the seller center.
  • Choose my delivery service.
  • Then you select the delivery service you want to activate and deactivate.

2. Via the Shopee App

  • Open the shopee application on your cellphone.
  • Select “me” and click on “my shop”.
  • After that select the delivery service that will be activated and deactivated at the store level.

How to Choose a Product Level Delivery Service

1. Via Seller Center

  • Enter the seller center.
  • Click “my products”.
  • Then you can choose the product that will be changed by the delivery service.
  • Click change and select shipping.
  • Here you can set which delivery service you want to activate and deactivate.

2. Via the Shopee App

  • Open the shopee application on your cellphone.
  • Select “me” and click on “my shop”.
  • Select Sales assistant and go to “my products”
  • Here you can choose the product whose delivery service is changed.
  • Click change product and postage.
  • Then select the delivery service you want to activate.
  • If you have chosen which delivery service you want to activate and deactivate.
  • Then click save.
  • Done.
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Add Bank Account

Then you can enter the account number, which you can later use to disburse sales funds. Here’s how to enter the account number:

  • Select a bank account at the seller center or set a sales balance in the shopee application.
  • Click “add bank account” or “bank account to add savings data at the shopee store.

Product Upload

After you complete the data on the store profile to enter the bank account number, now you can start selling. By uploading the products you want to sell but with the following steps:

  • You can access your store account through the seller center ( or you can also click “me” and press “start selling on the shopee application.
  • Then click “add new product”.
  • Complete some information about the appropriate product sales description, and include the shipping service that you will use. You also have to make sure the product you upload is not from one of the items that Shopee is prohibited from selling.
  • After that, click “save” and “show” so that the product you uploaded is visible in the shop window. So that your sales sell quickly, you can promote your products on social media or others.

selling on shopee

Tips for smooth sales and selling well at Shopee

After you have successfully created a store and distributed several products on your storefront that you want to sell, of course there are several marketing strategies so that the products you sell sell well. Here are some marketing tips so that your merchandise sells quickly.

1. Promotion on social media

You can use social media such as Facebook, Instagram and others to promote or introduce your store on Shopee to make it more widespread.

One of them is by posting the products you sell and don’t forget to invite your followers to visit your store by sharing a special link.

With this link, people can more easily access your shop on shopee.

2. Create Store Voucher

This is one thing that can’t be denied because maybe everyone likes discounts when shopping. Now, this is one of the marketing strategies to attract potential buyers by presenting several discount vouchers for various products that you sell at Shopee through the “store vouchers” feature.

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To be able to activate this feature by clicking “my promotion”, and selecting “my store voucher” then “create a new voucher” you can make it through the seller center.

The following makes a store voucher through the application:

  • Click “me”
  • Select “my shop”
  • Continue “my promotion”
  • After that make a voucher according to your wishes.

3. Register for Free Shipping

Getting free shipping is one of the most enjoyable things for shopee consumers today.

You can take advantage of the Xtra free shipping feature on shopee. As for how to activate this feature:

  • Open the shopee application on your cellphone.
  • Click the Free Shipping Xtra menu on the main page.
  • Next, select the “all free shipping” menu.
  • And scroll down until you find the “Register now” option.
  • Complete several submissions and registration for Free Shipping, if you have you just wait until the process has been approved by the shopee.

4. Expand Product Variations

Usually buyers prefer stores that provide several variations of products in their stores, because this can make it easier for buyers to choose products from several available variations.

Therefore you have to increase the variety of products such as size, color and others. The more variety you provide, the more opportunities to get more consumers.

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5. Install a price that matches the quality

Usually buyers will look for stores that have the right price in their pocket and the quality is also OK, you can apply this marketing strategy to your shop at shopee.

You have to think carefully about the price of the product you are going to sell, is the price competitive or not?

This strategy is also one of the competitions for shopee sellers who sell the same product at different prices.

Basically, you have to make sure in advance whether the price you put is expensive or cheap, and later this becomes one of the obstacles that harm potential buyers.

The final word

Those are some ways to become a seller at shopee, it seems the method above is very easy and understandable for beginners. You only need a smooth internet connection to do this. Thank you, hopefully the information from is useful for those of you who are in need.